The SAFI RANIA GOLD Anti-Ageing Range now comes with a new, premium look and an enhanced formulation. Its combination of Nano Gold 24K and Amino Peptide produces 2x more collagen to brighten and even out skin tone through the benefits of Pearl Protein and Vitamin B3.


24K Gold is a natural antioxidant that triggers collagen production in skin cells to firm up and soften skin and to reduce wrinkles.


Its combination of Pearl Protein and Vitamin B3 brightens and evens out skin tone by slowing down the formation of melanin on skin.

How exactly does Amino Peptide work? Research shows that AMINO PEPTIDE provides skin with various benefits to keep it youthful

Among these benefits are:

  • Activating the synthesis of Collagen I and III to combat signs of ageing.
  • Producing 2x more collagen.
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Firming up skin.
  • Brightening and improving skin structure.


  • Collagen synthesis is increased by more than 200%
  • Skin is firmer by 41%
  • Skin is 31% more moisturised
  • Skin is firmer, even-toned and youthful

Wrinkles are reduced by up to 58% and skin is more even-toned in just 3 weeks*!

*With frequent use of complete SAFI RANIA GOLD range.

To counter the hectic daily lifestyle of many Malaysian women, SAFI RANIA GOLD offers a range that provides youthful and even-toned skin.

SAFI RANIA GOLD. Beautiful Regardless of Age